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SME Invoice Finance

If you are a SME Invoice Finance can be an important source of working capital to help fund growth.

In recent years finance for SME’s has become difficult to source. Asset finance lenders have looked for ever increasing deposits or advanced rentals which means that any entrepreneur requires more investment. Many lenders also tend to avoid new start SME’s.

The commercial mortgage market has also shrunk dramatically in recent times and those lenders who have remained in the market are now looking at lower ’loan to values’ which again means increased deposits.

Government backed schemes have not reached out and embraced the entire SME finance market in a way that everyone had hoped and as a result the SME market feels unsupported and unloved.

That said the SME invoice finance market is still as competitive as ever. The specialist SME invoice finance lenders actively target business and are looking for ways to lend more money to more SME’s. Because they genuinely want your business they can offer you a more bespoke invoice finance facility. You will be a bigger fish in a smaller pond which typically results in better service levels when compared to larger providers who are more interested in the larger customer.

If you are an SME invoice finance can allow you to release cash from your debtor book. This could be used as working capital or could also be used to finance deposits on new machinery or new premises.

If you are looking for a specialist SME Invoice Finance provider feel free to call us on 0845 863 0738 or email us, be sure to tell us that you are keen to source an SME invoice finance solution.

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