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Export factoring can be a fantastic solution to exporters. Export factoring can not only provide a cash flow solution but it can also reduce risk and provide peace of mind.

From a cash flow perspective export factoring can provide your business with up to 90% of invoice value the day after the invoice is raised. This can inject valauble cash back into your business.

Export factoring also includes a credit control service to ensure that your export debts are collected efficiently. Some lenders even employ foreign language speakers to ensure that language barriers do not become an issue.

A factoring company will also credit check your potential customers to ensure that they are credit worthy and do not pose a risk to your business in terms of non-payment.

As an added benefit export factoring can also include credit protection or credit insurance which protect you business against non-payment and bad debt. his provides added peace of mind.

If you are already exporting an export factoring facility can help reduce your risks and can provide your business with a valuable cash injection.

If you are considering exporting an export factoring facility can help your business open up new markets with peace of mind.

Smart Factoring Quotes can help you find the most suitable facility and lender based on your unique needs. This will depend on your sector, turnover, percentage of sales that are exports and the countries you export to.

If you would like advice about export factoring please contact our team at Smart Factoring Quotes on 0845 863 0738

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