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Credit Card Factoring

Credit Card Factoring is a solution aimed at retailers who take receipts from credit cards. It provides an advance against the future credit card receipts. This can provide retailers with a valuable injection of cash.

What are the criteria for credit card factoring?

  • Company needs to have been operating for 12 months
  • Company needs to show 12 months card processing statements
  • Must have 1 year left on lease
  • Company must be in good standing with their credit card company

How does it work?

  • An application form needs completing
  • An amount of finance is agreed
  • Repayments are an agreed percentage of daily receipts via the card machine
  • Renewels or top ups can be offered
  • If you are a retailer looking for an advance against future card machine receipts give us a call today on 0845 863 0738
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