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Invoice Factoring and Invoice Discounting is our speciality. Our independent online advice will help you find the facility you want.

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Scotland is an area where Smart Factoring Quotes help a lot of businesses. We are experienced in understanding which lenders are based in Scotland but also which lenders across the UK are able to assist businesses in Scotland with factoring or invoice discounting.

It is suprising to some businesses that not all factoring and invoice discounting lenders are able to lend to businesses in Scotland. This is because the law differs slightly and not all lenders have the necessary legal documentation.

The good news Smart Factoring Quoes do know which invoice factoring and invoice discounting companies actively target businesses in Scotland. by maximising the size of the market we are able to ensure we can get your business the most competitive facility available.

We aim to structure a facility that will meet your needs, minimise costs and maximise the cash generated.

Our approach to helping businesses in Scotland is:

  • we aim to understand your business and your requirement so we can structure a facility that meets your needs
  • we use the whole market and fully explain to you your options
  • we explain all the costs involved, any restrictions and any responsibilities you as owners/directors may have
  • we empower you to make an informed decision as we believe only you can decide what is best for your business
  • there is no hard sell. We simply offer friendly, easy to understand impartial advice.

If you have a business in Scotland looking for factoring or invoice discounting contact Smart Factoring Quotes today on 0845 863 0738

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