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Engineering companies often turn to a form of invoice finance to help smooth cash flow.

At Smart factoring Quotes we have helped a large number of engineering companies source the right facility for them based on their own unique circumstances.

When sourcing a cash flow solution for an engineering company we always consider what it is the business is looking for and we do the following:

  • We aim to understand the business of our client
  • We aim to understand the characteristics of the business that will have a bearing on invoice finance costs and structure
  • We use the whole market to ensure we can optimise a facility for our client. We do this by minimising costs while ensuring the structure meets your unique needs
  • We explain how the facility operates and what could restrict funding
  • We also explain how fees are applied and any costs beyond the headline rates quoted.

From there we leave our client to make an informed decision. There is no hard sell.

If you have an engineering company and you would like to discuss what invoice finance options are available to you please call Smart Factoring Quotes on 0845 863 0738

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