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Invoice Factoring and Invoice Discounting is our speciality. Our independent online advice will help you find the facility you want.

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Factoring Advice

Factoring advice is available by way of our online articles. However, if you wish to speak to one of the team please don't hesitate to call.

We are more than happy to offer factoring advice over the phone. No matter what your question is we will aim to offer you impartial advice. We will offer genuine factoring advice and there is no hard sell. We believe that by treating you properly and offering the best advice we will have the opportunity to welcome you back as a client at a future date. We also have a chance that you will recommend us at some point in the future.

Our advice covers:

  • Existing facilities - if you are having problems of any kind please just get in touch. We will explain to you how best you can address those issues either with your existing factoring provider or another lender.
  • New facilities - whether you are just considering a factoring facility and need advice about how it works or you are actively seeking a facility and want the best possible deal we can offer you advice and insight. We can explain your options in full and allow you to make an informed decision.

If you are looking for advice about factoring or invoice factoring contact us on 0845 863 0738

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