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Is confidentiality important to you? If so there are several invoice discounting and invoice factoring facilities available to you from a variety of invoice finance companies. At Smart Factoring Quotes we understand not only what products will be available to you but also the capabilities of the lenders that offer these confidential facilities. To learn about confidential facilities please call us on 0845 863 0738

Confidential Invoice Discounting - this is perhaps the most well known of confidential invoice finance facilities. Confidential invoice discounting allows you to upload bulk amounts rather than individual invoices. It allows you to keep control of your ledger as you do the credit control. As the name suggests it is confidential.

Confidential Factoring - this allows you to still outsource your credit control to the factoring company but means that your customers will not know of their involvement. Letters and statements will be sent out by the factoring company on your headed paper. When they make calls they will do so as if calling from your company. Incoming calls are to a dedicated line and answered as though it is your business.

Confidential CHOCS - a CHOCS facility allows you as a business owner to do the collections in the same way as you would with an invoice discounting facility. CHOCS stands for Client Handles Own Collections. However, with invoice discounting you notify the bulk amount of invoices you have raised wheres with Confidential CHOCS you notify each individual invoice.

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