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Not sure what the stages of invoice discounting involve? Have a look at how discounting works.

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What is Invoice Discounting?

Invoice discounting releases cash from your invoices through an invoice discounting provider, this is similar to factoring but the lender does not provide any credit management service to help collect your outstanding invoices. The invoice discounting provider will merely release up to 90% of invoice value and you as the client will retain control of the credit management. The remaining 10% is made available when your customers pay.

If an invoice discounting lender offers me an 80% prepayment do they keep the other 20% as their fee?

No, the lender will release the remaining 20% when your customer settles the invoices.

I have already spoken to an invoice discounting company who said they cannot assist, can you still help me?

Yes, we can still help you. All lenders have different criteria and capabilities. The invoice discounting lender you spoke to may have declined your application for reasons that may include your sector was not appealing to them, you turnover was too large or too small, your debtor book had a high concentration, your business is a new start or a phoenix. We understand which invoice discounting lenders can assist you in certain circumstances and will provide you with quotes from lenders we believe can help.

How do you know which invoice discounting company can help?

We only provide factoring and invoice discounting solutions. We are in constant contact with the factoring companies in the market and we monitor their criteria and capabilities.

How accurate are the invoice discounting quotes?

The invoice discounting quotes are based on the information that you provide so the more accurate the information is that you provide the more accurate the invoice discounting quotes you receive will be.

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