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Discounting Benefits

Invoice Discounting is a form of finance that is growing in popularity. If you are considering an invoice discounting facility for your business then you may want to know what benefits it offer. The benefits include:

  • Invoice discounting can release up to 90% of the value of your debtor book so it can provide your business with a much needed cash injection.
  • As it releases up to 90% of the value of invoices the day after you have raised them it allows you to forecast and plan more accurately.
  • Invoice discounting allows your business to keep control of your credit management. The lender will allow you to chase your debtors without interference. Certain types of factoring also allow this.
  • Invoice discounting facilities can be confidential which means that your customers will not be aware of the lenders involvement. This confidentiality can also be achieved by certain forms of factoring.
  • If you opt for a non recourse facility you can eliminate the risk of bad debts.

Each lender has it’s own criteria and capabilities. Depending on your business and what you are looking for there will be a lender that is best placed to meet your needs. The challenge is finding that lender and at Smart Factoring Quotes we can guide you through the market.

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